....Something Blue

I've been wanting to post about this custom job for awhile...but realized I had no good photos. While going through my old crappy point and shoot camera's cards I ran across at least one, which prompted this post. The rest of the images I've borrowed from the very talented Life Art Photography.

MaCay and Andy were married at Living History Farms last year in Urbandale, Iowa on a beautiful Autumn day. The small chapel was the perfect venue for this small, funky - more on this later, intimate event.

My friend MaCay had approached me about this project last summer. She wanted to do something unique for the bridesmaids' gifts. She had always had a penchant for my a go go 5 loop necklace and wanted to design something similar but different. Something that would work with three different styles of dress and unique personality. Oh yea, and with some small touch of blue.

I sketched a few ideas for her, we played around with some elements on my bench and VOILA! A new necklace was born.

Modern, sleek, but rustic enough to go with the venue. Small touches of lapis lazuli accent the loops of various sizes. Sadly, this is the only photo I have of the piece. Don't worry, I've gotten much better about documenting the things leaving the shop...especially the one of a kinds!

MaCay and Andy are a fun quirky couple - see exhibits A. and B. There were speeches from engineers and the appetizers featured multi-flavor popcorn bowls on the tables and a 'fancy' cheese table by Gateway Market (they also provided dinner, if I recall, OMG the dinner!!!)

[exhibit A.]

Not only does their card drop box look googly-eyed and muppety-y but they walked in to the Muppets' Menomenon song :D Love it! Speaking of...did I mention my dad was their dj?!

[exhibit B.]

Four flavors of delicious cupcakes from the Carefree Patisserie were adorned with bride and groom rubber duckies. Yes, duckies.

I was honored to be a part of their special day and wish them the very best in their new life together.

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