Dine + Design

Art is food for the soul...but let's not forget our tummies! Please join us at studio fuzzishu this Thursday May 26 for the first Dine + Design event! Bring your sketchbooks, materials, things that inspire you, and thinking cap. We'll do some brainstorming around a theme, bounce ideas off of one another, critique, sketch, create, etc. and of course, share a meal.

Don't forget, if metal or glass is your thing (or you just need some space that's not the kitchen table!) you can always come back for 'open studio' time and create what you've designed! Please RSVP if interested so I can get a head count for the 'dine' portion of the evening. See you Thursday!


HansHolzkopf ♥s fuzzishü

Holy smokes, it's end of May! Sorry fuzzi-followers. Here's a fantastic caterpillar treasury from April collected by HansHolzkopf featuring my 'space caterpillar' bracelet. How cute are all of these? And sooo springy!