EXTRA! EXTRA! - interweb silence shattered by new fuzzishü post!

Riiiight. So obviously this 'regular posting' thing needs some work. I'll get on that.

As to the Las Vegas show - Mom and I drove out from Iowa through Nebraska (flat and boring), Colorado, Montana (blizzard), and Utah (great Indian food in Provo); then returned via New Mexico, Arizona, Texas (got me a tumbleweed), Kansas (also flat and boring, except for hwy 50), and Missouri. Yes folks, you read right. We saw 10 states in less than a week. Whoooosh.

The show was a bit, hmmm, quieter than I had expected and my booth was waaaay overcomplicated for what it needed to be.

Need to revise it for the next indoor show. I did manage to pick up my first wholesale order (yay!) and got to enjoy the company of my booth neighbor Rhonda, of Figs & Ginger (as well as one being one my former studio mates at RISD), and her husband Elijah. We did not, however, get a chance to really go explore the town and don't even ask about the first night we spent at the Hooters hotel. Yeah. :I

So, what now? Why no post til June? Well, good question. The new line I debuted at ACRE is a mixed bag. Beautiful but oh so tricky to make. Here's a preview...

...the next post will be devoted to the new line. All of my time pre-Vegas was devoted to getting ready for the show. All of the time post-Vegas? Well, I can't tell a lie, it was also spent in studio ... and a short stint (read 12 hr days!) as a line chef at a new Mexican restaurant
at town but that's another tale for another blog!

I had planned my first summer show to be ArtFest Midwest in Des Moines (June 26, 27) and have feverishly been preparing for it. Then I got a call a week before the
Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas asking if I was still interested in participating. I had been high on the wait list and they had a last minute opening. So, off to Kansas we went. A little completely unprepared. But it was a good show except for the wind. My EZ Up has aspirations of being a kite.

We managed to lash 'er down with the help of some of my neighbor artists and weathered the weekend. Heard some great bands (Black Violin
grew on me especially), met some fantastic artists, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Which brings us to this weekend...fuzzishü will be at
ArtFest Midwest out at the state fair grounds in Des Moines (not flooded, yay!). I will be up front demonstrating metalsmithing techniques and showing my work as well. I hope to see you all out there. Come for the art, stay for the demonstrations. :D