What's nu? fuzzishü!

Hey blogosphere. I'm back. Foodblogging temporarily on hold, it's time to introduce my long lost passion. Jewelry. I am a jeweler by nature. A looker. A tinkerer. A small thing maker. I've missed the smell of metal on my hands and the volcano like glow of molten glass. I look forward to sharing them with you. fuzzishü is the culmination of these loves. You might even call it the love-child of metal and glass jewelry.

For 6+ months now I've been residing in smalltown USA evolving this new incarnation of my jewelry. I've done some small shows, I've taught some classes, I've helped cater events. All the while I was experimenting, buying new tools, trying new designs and it's time. It's time to see this puppy go live. The website is still in the works but please, come, sit, stay awhile and sip on some iced tea while you peruse some fuzzi-photos and I spin tales of delight to enchant you. We're glad you're here!