A Passel of Profession Rings

Saturday's J101 class just finished a fantastic set of profession rings. Everything from a teacher to a heart surgeon. Yay soldering! We've just begun the final project - wire link bracelets. Check back for more student projects soon.


Another thank you in 3D

One of my students brought studio fuzzishu a nifty present - a bag full of 6g. copper wire.

I decided to make her a thank you gift as well, a forged copper bracelet.

I had to guesstimate a good starting size, anneal and solder it.

I then began forming the bracelet's tapering hammered shape on my anvil (yay, anvil!)

I cheated just a little and used the saw to remove the extra flare rather than taper the ends with a hammer.

Then some filing and refining.

And voila! Bracelet - so simple and comfy I had to make one for myself too :D


Ta Da!

Newly designed logo for the studio end of fuzzishu. Comments? Critiques? Congratulations? ;-p


FourHearts ♥s fuzzishü

A big thank you to fourhearts for featuring my 9 element a go go necklace in her 'vivid' treasury. Look at all the pretty colors! You can check them out here.


a 'thank you' in 3D

I whipped out this 'worry stone' keychain as a thank you to friend who gifted me a variety of steel ball bearings the other day. The idea of a moving ball riveted between two sheets of metal was given to me a few months back by my student Cindy. Thanks Cindy! And JV for the BBs.


coppersonja ♥s fuzzishü

coppersonja has put together a wonderful colorful and glass filled treasury and featured a fuzzishu necklace. Please go check it out here. We'll get an a.go.go 9 element on the front page of etsy one of these days ;)