Multiple Choice

And now....for our 'Name That Workshop" Contest Official Vote....(see original post here). The title with the most votes will win fame, fortune, and fuzzishu earrings. ;)

The title of the workshop should reflect the fact that students will design and create a set of jewelry based on a theme of their choosing. Please leave your vote (the number of the title) in the comments section.

1. 'You Decide'
2. 'Imaginings'

3. 'Whatever'

4. 'It's Up to You'

5. 'Guess What'
6. 'Jewel What'

7. 'Think It,Do It'

8. 'What Now'
9. 'Design it and Do it!'
10. 'Think once, Make thrice!'
11. 'Imagination in threes'
12. 'Three pondered pieces'
13. 'Thinking of three'
14. 'A Theme in threes'
15. 'Brainstorm to Bench'
16. 'Creative Juices'
17. 'Where the wind blows'

18. 'Theme J103'

19. 'Solder-n-Sweat'

20. 'Jumpring Jive'

21. B.E.N - bracelet earrings necklace

What do you think?

earthdesignsindia ♥s fuzzishü

Thanks to EarthDesignsIndia for featuring my 9 pc. a go go necklace in their 'closing the circle' treasury. My necklace is in good company with lots of cool pieces, go here to check them out.


sonyarasi ♥s fuzzishu

Knock on wood, Iowa hasn't gotten its first major blanket of white...but it's dark out most of the time and who can't use more 'merry & bright' in their life? sonyarasi has put together a great treasury of bright and dazzling etsy creations and was kind enough to include the 9 element a go go necklace from fuzzishu. Thanks sonyarasi! Check out the treasury here.


Name that Tune! Er, Workshop!...

And win! I am offering a new workshop in 2011 and it is the Class-Yet-To-Be-Named. I'd love your input. I'd love your input so much I am offering a jewelry prize (joie earrings) to the person whose suggestion I like most. Plus you'll be famous (in Iowa...ok, not really. Just at studio fuzzishu) for having named this awesome class.

What is this class you ask? Go on, ask. I'll wait. ....

It is a class in whence students brainstorm several themes and narrow it down to one then proceed to design a set of three jewelry pieces around their theme. ie - themes 'romance and rock'n'roll', 'forests', 'circles', etc. Let's say Student X chooses 'forest' for their theme. They might then make a branchy looking bracelet, a pair of leafy earrings, and a ring with winter berries on it. They can use any material and any techniques they may have learned up to this point. It's a more self directed class. I am there purely to advise on a technical level.

To enter this contest simply leave a comment or email me with your idea and your email/a way to contact you. You may enter as many times as you like. Keep it fun and creative!

So...any ideas yet? 'Cause I'm fresh out. fuzzi-mom affectionately refers to it as BEN, you'll have to ask her why yourself though. ;) Good luck and happy naming.


artandstory ♥s fuzzishü

Thank you to ArtAndStory for including the a-go-go 9 element necklace in their Christmas treasury. You can see all of the shapes and sizes of Christmas goodies here.