J101 Final Project

This session of Jewelry 101 ends with both pleasure and sadness. We had a fantastic, creative hardworking group of students that made some stunning pieces of jewelry. I look foward to seeing them all again (I hope!) in J102 this Fall.

Here are some photos of their final project, a wire bracelet. You may notice I was a bit more...hmmm...flexible with the parameters of the 'wire' part of the bracelet this go around.

Teri blended her handmade glass beads and funky floral aesthetics in this fun summer-y bracelet. The back is just as decorative as the front and a textured leaf clasp completes the piece.

Amber's final piece incorporated dark lusterous pearls paired with natural patina'd and dapped copper. Her bracelet is finished off with a retro looking clasp.

[kristin's bracelet goes here]

I forgot to get a picture of Kristin's piece but will make sure to get one soon.

Hannah just returned from her European Jaunt and is working hard to catch up! Bracelet photo to be added soon.

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