Multiple Choice

And now....for our 'Name That Workshop" Contest Official Vote....(see original post here). The title with the most votes will win fame, fortune, and fuzzishu earrings. ;)

The title of the workshop should reflect the fact that students will design and create a set of jewelry based on a theme of their choosing. Please leave your vote (the number of the title) in the comments section.

1. 'You Decide'
2. 'Imaginings'

3. 'Whatever'

4. 'It's Up to You'

5. 'Guess What'
6. 'Jewel What'

7. 'Think It,Do It'

8. 'What Now'
9. 'Design it and Do it!'
10. 'Think once, Make thrice!'
11. 'Imagination in threes'
12. 'Three pondered pieces'
13. 'Thinking of three'
14. 'A Theme in threes'
15. 'Brainstorm to Bench'
16. 'Creative Juices'
17. 'Where the wind blows'

18. 'Theme J103'

19. 'Solder-n-Sweat'

20. 'Jumpring Jive'

21. B.E.N - bracelet earrings necklace

What do you think?


xkwisitlady said...

I like "Design and Do", it really sums up exactly what they will be getting, a chance to design, then make their work! - Tahmi

Anonymous said...

1st choice: 15
2nd choice: 9
3rd choice: 10

Anonymous said...

I like 'Brainstorm to Bench' it sounds snappy.

Anonymous said...


Amy G said...

I like #9. It has my vote!

JENNI said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #9 too.
It's very motivational and inspiring!