Whimsical Pendants

I've been a brutal task master and had my students saw and file til their little fingers fell off for our first project. Here are the fruits of their labor.

Teri based her pendant on her whimsical homelife in this smart geometric design. She also created each of the glass beads to represent her and her family members, including the black and white schnauzers!

Kristin was inspired by the curly vines she and her mother observed on a walk in the Greenbelt. The chain and bead really pull the piece together and help to express 'nature'.

Hannah's love for baking might not be readily apparent in this abstract pendant but look closer and the swoops and swirls. Is anyone else hungry for cupcakes?

Amber used a photo she had taken of some octopi and reinterpreted their tentacles in her asymmetrical copper pendant. The sinuous curves, warm hue, and balanced 'suction cups' say sealife.

I think my students did a fantastic job on this first project and I'm eager to see what they come up with for the next assignment! Watch out, world, we're soldering!!!

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