State Fair in Review

How awesome was state fair? Incredibly awesome. We had fantastic weather, wonderful students, helpful and friendly assistants and, of course, my groovy state fair 'family'. Thank you to everyone who came out and took the workshop. We had almost 200 students during the 11 days (9am-9pm every day!). That's a LOT of rings. Iptv came out and filmed a segment on the RiNGS class. You can see it below. I am crossing my fingers we are invited back next year. Thanks again to everyone for helping make it a great fair in '08!


Kiriel du Papillon said...

Wow... that workshop looked fantastic! I wish I could have been there and a) seen your lovely self again and b) had a go at jewellry making, something I have always wanted to try!

Keep up the good work hon.

fuzzishü said...

Thanks Kiriel! Maybe you guys can invite me to come do a jewelry making workshop in Geneva. Milage is going to be a bit pricey though ;)

eli + ra said...

hey rach! that looked awesome. great job, everyone looked like they were really enjoying themselves.